Tower Crane Smart Hook CCTV System

tower crane

According to study, 32 percentage of tower crane related injuries are caused by uncontrolled loads striking personnel in the area surrounding the hook block.

According to a university study in the Journal of Construction Engineering and Management, having a camera system installed on a crane can help increase productivity by up to 39 per cent in the blind and 27 per cent in the open.

Modern construction sites are becoming more and more congested and as buildings are going higher, crane operators are required to place their loads in even more restricted and tighter areas than before. The probability of impacts and collisions are still as great if not more so.

At Equiprise, we provide smart hook CCTV system to provide live view under the hook to the crane operator enhancing safety on construction sites. The system is easy to deploy and it is designed to automatically track the hook movement so even the hook is moving across the building, crane operators can still see the working condition on the other side of the building (see how it is in action in our video above).

With live video, crane operators can respond to any adjustments to avoid any potential accidents before they happen, allowing for a safer and more productive lift.

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