Cranes and Power Lines, can we become friends?

Power lines, something we cannot live without, you can see them almost everywhere on the streets, at railways, at wind farms, etc. However, they can be a headache for crane operators.

It is indicated in Lifting Matters that electrocution remains the leading cause of crane-related deaths throughout the world, representing approximately 25% of all crane accidents. More than half of all electrocutions are associated with the crane boom, cable or load/load line contacting an overhead power line. The remainder involve contact between power lines and other unspecified parts of the crane.

To manage and mitigate the risk, it is recommended that:

  1. We provide sufficient training and increase awareness for onsite workers to ensure all the workers understand the potential risks and impact and be careful when working with overhead power lines.
  2. Leverage technology to help mitigate risk. There are different technologies can be used to help limit boom height to avoid power lines, maps to indicate the power line location, detect power lines with sensors, early warning to operators, or prevent boom moving towards the power line danger zone. At Equiprise, we are specialised in providing these types of technology solutions to help you manage this risk.
  3. Continuous learning. Sharing knowledge and experience among each other and learn from others' experience are the best ways to build up knowledge and awareness. Only by reflecting and identifying the root cause, we can minimise or even eliminate the same mistake in the future.


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Equiprise, a leading technology solution provider for crane industry, we are always thrive on helping customer mitigate risks like this to improve operational safety.

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