How can technology help your remote and onsite workers?

COVID-19 has massively impacted how we live and how we work. There is no difference for construction industry. Although the industry has been considered as ‘essential services’, the capacity allowed to be onsite was way lower than pre-COVID time. From subcontractors to builders to developers, if you don’t have to visit a site, the government advice is not to. This shift has unveiled the real needs for using technologies to monitor and manage site operations remotely and automate operational processes as much as possible.

Although there were different types of construction technologies assisting monitor and manage site activities from distance, not many companies used it to their best potential. For example, Building Information Management (“BIM”) systems, job scheduling application, construction project management software, asset management and maintenance systems, artificial intelligence (“AI”) and internet of things (“IoT”) and so on.

If you have not tried some of these technologies before, here are how they will benefit you and your site:  

  1. Monitor project health from anywhere at anytime: access your project information remotely with any BIM digital twin systems. Use IoT sensors / devices to connect and remotely monitor your people and equipment and prevent unexpected incident.
  2. Increase productivity: use cloud based application to enable real time field – office collaboration. With automation and latest AI technologies, it can enable continuous operation and boost productivity. At Equiprise, we combine industrial automation, edge computing and AI to automate most of machine movements to help you increase your machine utilisation and productivity.
  3. Improve health and safety for your people: use technologies to more effectively control hazards and minimise operational risk on site. Our Connected Heavy Machinery remote monitoring solution enable you to continuously monitor your machinery operating status, provide operators and remote workers synchronised view. It also sends real time alarm to authorised personnel to enable field-office communication so risks can be mitigated early. By accessing and analysing historical data, users can identify the root causes of alarms and continuously improve  to achieve best practice.

To eliminate liability risk, minimise fatal accident and reduce project costs for your machinery operations, contact us to request a demo and a 30-day free trial, and begin remote machinery monitoring today!

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