Design & produce sensors and edge devices

Focus on your core business

Optimise business value through consulting led approach

Data is the new fuel

We create a connected heavy machinery equipment ecosystem

Over 20 years experience in heavy machinery equipment automation and safety management, it enables us to provide in depth domain expertise to our customers when design and build equipment agnostic sensors and edge devices that monitor equipment performance, energy consumption and environment impact in real time and act on extreme situations to prevent incidents
The bi-directional communication allows edge devices to send data to our IoT cloud platform, which is capable of storing, analysing and reporting near real time and historical data, to empower remote monitoring, root cause analysis and timely decision making. The predicative analysis and ML/AI capabilities will also prevent avoidable incidents, minimise machine downtime, automate equipment operations, therefore, reduce operational costs, improve safety and maximise machine utilisation.

Design & produce sensors and edge devices

Easy install & configure

Simple installation and configuration steps

Performance matters

We design and produce sensors to monitor performance measurements that are most critical to your equipment

Bi-directional Communication

Send data to and from IoT cloud platform to empower remote monitoring and remote control capabilities

Unlock new business opportunities with power of data

1. Remote monitoring

Gain insights of how your equipment performs from anywhere

2. Machine control

Bi-directional communication allows IoT platform to send command back to the edge device to allow users to control machine movement remotely

3. Data Analytics

Root cause analysis, predicative analysis, ML/AI to empower users to make timely decisions, optimise equipment performance and utilisation and improve safety and compliance

With consulting led approach, we provide you fit for purpose solutions and drive business outcome

We embed lean and agile methodology at every stage of our consulting services to minimise the risk, lower investment, test the hypothesis and get feedback quicker, therefore, drive early value realisation.
IoT JumpStart

Our IoT Jumpstart service help you quickly set up an IoT early adopter project and gain quick value realisation

IoT Data Innovation

Unlock the business potentials and new opportunities using data from both IoT and other sources currently available in your business.

ML/AI as a Service

Co-define use cases to deliver quick wins, develop, maintain data model and continuously refine data algorithm to enable you focus on your core business

Digital Transformation with IoT/AI

Re-engineer current operating model, functional business processes and reimagine business model to optimise value from IoT and AI.

Focus on your core business

We help you manage sensors, edge devices, IoT platform and data model to empower you focus on growing your core businesses

1. Device management

Register, manage, diagnose and configure sensors and edge devices remotely

2. Monitor as a Service

Monitor your equipment performance and provide proactive services to minimise equipment downtime

3. Data science support and maintenance

Provide support of underline infrastructure, maintain and continuous training of data algorithm

Our Approach

  • 1


    Understand your business

  • 2


    Define fit for purpose technology solutions

  • 3


    Technology meets business, build vision into reality

  • 4


    Data driven business transformation

Equiprise is a value driven leading IoT technology provider

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