Connected Heavy Machinery Platform

Improve operational safety, increase productivity and optimise machine utilisation

Create an safe and inter-connected workplace with heavy-machinery

Protect your people and machines at your worksite

Data integration

Single source to view and manage all the machine performance data, break down data silos, significantly improve efficiency and effectiveness when analysing machine utilisation and identifying causes of incidents

Improve operational safety

Back office or operation centre can monitor key machine performance indicators remotely and online to help manage and mitigate any operational risks.

Improve coordination and communication

It improves communication and coordination between back office and the field operators by enabling access to near real time machine performance data from anywhere and anytime.

Optimise machine utilisation

By monitoring machine performance in near real time and remote diagnosis capability, it can minimise any unnecessary downtime and maintenance costs

Key Functions

Device Management

Add, change, delete devices and manage device configuration and registration

User Management

Role based user management to ensure only authorised personnel can access your data

Remote Monitoring

Monitor your machine performance from anywhere in real time

Remote Control

Control or give command to your machine remotely to prevent incidents

Data Analytics

Conduct analysis based on your machine performance data to form and measure new efficiency initiatives

We protect your valuable assets at your worksite

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