Connected Cranes

Connected Cranes, your remote monitoring centre

    Equiprise Connected Crane solution is a cloud based remote monitoring application empowered by latest Internet of Things (β€œIoT”) technology, which connects all your cranes and provides you with key crane performance data that enables you to improve operational safety, increase productivity and efficiency, optimise crane utilisation, reduce machine downtime, and save operational costs.

    Benefits you get from Connected Cranes

    Connected Cranes is a fully managed cloud based IoT platform that provides you remote and online monitoring capability (and more!) for your entire crane fleet.
    State-of-the-Art Technology

    Over-the-Air updates, we make sure you are always at the lead.

    One System for All

    Suitable for all types of cranes and is available for your entire crane fleet.

    Visualisation – enables remote monitoring

    Stay at the back office and yet manage all your cranes on-site.
    Improve collaboration between management and on-site employees.

    Analytics – faults, breaches and other safety issues are captured

    Address problems accurately and take corrective actions quickly. Shorten investigation time from days to minutes.
    Graphical reports help you to understand crane status and performance better, uncover underlying issues easily and plan your maintenance wisely.

    Safety Warning

    Minimise risks and avoid huge losses.
    Ensure safety standards and procedures are followed.

    What can Connected Cranes do?

    Remote and Online Monitoring

    All the key performance indicators of your crane are continuously monitored.

    Real Time Alarm Notification

    Get handle on potential operational risks in time, better communication and collaborate with your onsite staff with real time alarm notification.

    Reporting and Analytics

    Gain insights about your crane utilisation and identify the root cause of alarms, build safety into your daily routine.

    Map and Geo-fencing

    Know where your cranes are, accurately identify and manage exclusion zone access, prevent collision in any dimensions.

    Remote Fault Diagnosis

    Diagnose and investigate potential faults remotely and early, minimise machine downtime and provide proactive customer services.

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