Sensors and Edge Devices

Build a connected heavy machinery ecosystem with leading edge hardware

Proven technologies across different types of heavy machinery and cutting edge IoT device to help you access your machinery performance at your finger tips


CX-K70 Industrial IoT Device

CX-K70 is an all-in-one device designed for industrial use and can be used on any type of machine. Key use cases for using this device are:

  1. Real time machine performance monitoring and control
  2. Coordination between operations center and field operators
  3. Physical authentication management
  4. Transmit data to cloud IoT platform for data analytics
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Connected Excavators

RHM-M60 is a Load Moment Limiter device designed to monitor the torque during excavator movement and ensure the excavator only moves within the safe zone.

With CX-K70, the operators can access all the key performance data of excavator in real time, all these information will be sent to the cloud IoT platform for further analysis, data modelling and enable management to better coordinate machine and human tasks to maximise machine utilisation.

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High precision electronic scale for Wheel Loaders

The scale is responsible for measuring the daily production of the loader, together with the engine information, for example, engine speed, idle speed, fuel consumption, engine water temperature, battery voltage, open downtime, etc, it enables management to conduct performance management for operators and machines to improve productivity and efficiency


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Mine Rescue Machine

This solution is designed specifically to assist rescue process when there is an emergency at mine site. Key features of this solution are:

  1. The unique design of the lifting wire rope ensures there is communication cable inside the rope, which allows both video and audio communication and enables the rescue team to keep monitoring the health status of the person being rescued
  2. It senses underground conditions, including oxygen level, CO level, temperature, distance to the ground, distance to the surrounding wall, etc, to help the rescue team have clear understanding of the operating environment and better save people’s lives
  3. It also collects and monitors all the performance data of the vehicle to prevent any incidents during the rescue process
  4. It provides supplies, emergency light and emergency exit during rescue process
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Equiprise creates a connected heavy machinery ecosystem

Bringing safety to sites, machines, operators and the public, enabling high-quality performance data anytime from anywhere
Equiprise have 20+ years’ experience in heavy machinery sensing and automation equipment with a deep understanding of what makes an industry tick. Safety is at heart of everything we do to deliver optimised value to our customers. Today, with the power of big data, cloud computing and machine learning/artificial intelligence (ML/AI), we thrive on continuous innovation to not only improve machine operation safety, but also create a connected ecosystem with our customers, partners and 3rd party vendors to maximise machine utilisation, minimise incidents, and improve machine lifecycle management.
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