In addition to safety management, this system provides multiple crane control methods, anti-swing and zero-velocity hover functions and enable programmable crane operations

Performance Monitoring

Monitor key crane performance data in real time, including weight, height, electric supply, lifting brake status, main crane and crane carriage movement, etc, to provide operators sufficient information to make timely decisions

Machine Control

Operators can remotely control the grab, crane body and carriage movement or pre-set the crane movement destination and crane can then operate automatically based on the settings. This will allow one operator to manage multiple cranes at same time, which not only improve operator's safety, but also significantly increase productivity and efficiency

Safety Protection Measures

It provides full suite of protection measures to ensure the safety of the crane, including electric protection, zero speed suspension, carriage physical access protection, motor protection, overload protection, crane movement limitation, etc

Smart Maintenance

Digitise maintenance schedule and alert relevant personnel when it is due for maintenance or services to minimise machine downtime

Precise Positioning

It detects main crane body and crane carriage movement route and speed to ensure the steadiness, which provides key foundation for the automatic anti-swing functionality that can effectively restrain the crane hook swing, and significantly reduce manual effort on trying to stabilise hook movement

Specification Summary

  • Swing error: approx. ≦±2°, in certain cases it can be controlled under ±1°
  • Weight display error: ≦±3%
  • Sensor protection grade: IP65
  • Remote control distance: ≤100M
  • Ethernet bridge transmission bandwidth: 300MHz
  • Control cabinet protection grade: IP45
  • Operating environment: Temperature: -20~60℃; Humidity:0–85%RH
  • Power supply: AC380V
  • Automatic control system power supply: AC220V±15%


  • CX-K70 IoT client
  • CX-FC18 engine performance data acquisition module
  • PLC & LED monitor
  • Lifting & movement frequency converter
  • Altimeter & movement encoder
  • Anti-swing processing card
  • Height, weight, position and stall limiter
  • Infrared laser sensor
  • Warning signal light (movement and overload)
  • Remote controller

Use Cases

  • Portal crane, gantry crane or container crane, which requires precise positioning, remote control or programmable control functionalities
  • Autonomous vehicle, ship launching, etc, which requires precise positioning control and movement synchronization control
  • Connected ports