Mine Rescue Machine

Unique design to improve rescue process at mine sites to save lives during emergency


Communication cable is built inside the wire rope, which enables both wired and wireless communication at mine site. It allows both video and audio communication to ensure safety during rescue process

Underground Monitoring

With different sensors installed, rescue crew members on the ground are able to monitor underground environment in real time to ensure safety of rescue crew members and adjust rescue strategy in timely manner

Machine Control

Rescue crew member can control the machine on site, from the remote and from the rescue lift, to allow rescue members to adjust the lifting speed based on underground conditions

Performance Monitoring

It collects and monitors all the key performance parameters, alerts rescue crew member and auto-control the machine when required to ensure the safety of the machine during rescue process.

Specification Summary

  • Weight Display Accuracy: ±3%; alert when it is 90% of the rated weight, control the machine when it is at 105%
  • Encoder detection error of ±10CM (related to the tightness of steel wire rope)
  • Broken strands wire rope detection error of ±1
  • Carbon monoxide alarm: according to national standard setting
  • Temperature alarm: according to the national standard setting
  • Oxygen level alarm: according to the national standard setting
  • Video clarity: 0.001 LX; visible range: 0 to 20 m
  • Network bandwidth: 250 MBPS, effective transmission distance: ≧ 1200 meters
  • Operating environment: temperature: -20~60℃; humidity: 0-85%RH

Use Cases

  • Underground condition monitoring and alerting
  • Assist rescue process at mine sites during emergency
  • Connected mines


  • PLC & LED Monitor
  • Weight / Temperature / Oxygen level / Carbon monoxide sensors
  • Load lifting limiter
  • Altimeter encoder
  • Winding engine variable pump
  • Wire rope detection sensor
  • Switch
  • Photoelectric detection switch
  • Network video recorder
  • LED light
  • Alarm signal light
  • CX-FC18 Engine performance data acquisition module
  • CX-K70 IoT client