Tower crane safety management system

Performance Monitoring

Monitor key crane performance data in real time, including weight, rotation angle, height, video tracking of hook performance, crane body level, etc, to provide operators sufficient information to make timely decisions

Machine Control

Automatic control of the moving crane when it is under extreme or unsafe operating conditions to prevent incidents, for example, when it is overloaded or over height limit. It also has anti-collision capability to prevent tower cranes collapse into each other

Smart Maintenance

Digitise maintenance schedule and alert relevant personnel when it is due for maintenance or services to minimise machine downtime

Network Communication

It sends sensor data to IoT cloud platform for users or management to conduct more meaningful analysis, further develop advanced analytics capability, or redeploy new algorithm back to the device to continuously improve its functionality

Specification Summary

  • System error: less than ±5%
  • Operating environment: Temperature: -20~60℃; Humidity: 095% RH
  • Anti-interference: great than 2000V
  • Power supply: AC220V±30%, 50Hz±5%
  • Power consumption: less than: 60W
  • Protection grade: Indoor IP44, Outdoor IP65
  • Alarm volume: greater than 70 db

Sensors & Video Camera

  • CX-K70 IoT client
  • CX-FC18 engine performance data acquisition module
  • Weight / Height/angle/rotatory angle sensors
  • Wind speed sensor
  • Hook camera / fixed camera / Car video recorder
  • Sound pick up

Use Cases

  • Tower crane safety management
  • Vehicle fleet management
  • Connected sites