High precision electronic scale for Wheel Loader

Performance Monitoring

Monitor load weight, and body level in real time to provide operators sufficient information to make timely decisions. Users can also produce daily, weekly, or monthly machine utilisation report to analyse machine and operator's productivity


Automatic weighing and automatic metering to reduce labour interaction during loading process

Smart Maintenance

Digitise maintenance schedule and alert relevant personnel when it is due for maintenance or services to minimise machine downtime

Network Communication

It sends sensor data to IoT cloud platform for users or management to conduct more meaningful analysis, further develop advanced analytics capability, or redeploy new algorithm back to the device to continuously improve its functionality

Specification Summary

  • Accuracy error: single shovel (0.3-1%), average ±1%, which meets the accuracy standard OIMLR51Y(B)that set by Organisation Internationale de Métrologie Légale
  • Display values by: 1kg、5kg、10kg、20 kg、50 kg、100 kg
  • Voltage: 10V60V ultrawide operating voltage
  • Operating temperature: -45℃ – 125℃
  • Minimum calibration weight: 50 kg
  • Instrument protection grade: IP61
  • Level of vibration: IEC – 60068-2-27 (international standard)


  • Electric scale main hoist
  • Hydraulic sensor
  • CX-K70 IoT client
  • CX-FC18 engine performance data acquisition module
  • Proximity switch

Use Cases

  • Wheel loader safety management
  • Operator / contractor performance analytics
  • Connected vehicle fleet management
  • Connected sites
  • Connected mines