Tower Crane Blackbox as a Service

Tower Crane Anti-Collision and Anti-Tipping

Tower Crane Erection / Dismantle Process Monitoring

Tower Crane High-tensile Bolts Tension Monitoring

Our comprehensive tower crane safety management framework aims to help you improve safety during crane operations, manage risks and prevent incidents, and Increase productivity and efficiency.

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Tower Crane Safety Management Framework

We make cranes safer and more efficient

Tower crane safety devices

It provides tower crane load moment indicator, anemometer, PLC and display to monitor and detect key performance parameters in real time to assist crane operator manage risks and crane performance more effectively.

Proactive Anti-collision

Optional anti-collision sensors provide crane operator hassle free proactive anti-collision to provide your crane from colliding into obstacles in proximity.

Remote Monitoring

Empower management to gather insights of operations on site from anywhere and anytime to make more informative decisions on improving operational safety and efficiency.

Tower Crane Blackbox as a Service

Tower Crane Blackbox as a Service provides capabilities to collect and process key crane performance parameters, for example, weight, height, radius, rotatory angle, wind speed, and other critical parameters. These parameters will fundamentally impact the crane’s safety during operations.

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Proactive Anti-Collision

Anti-collision is one of the most critical element under the safety management framework because of the complexity on a construction site. We provide leading edge proactive anti-collision not only on the same surface but also in a 3D environment.

Tower Body Verticality Monitoring

Tower crane is vertical transport equipment, tower body verticality meets safety standards is prerequisite for all other crane operations. The key to tower crane anti-tipping is to monitor the verticality of the tower body. If the verticality of the tower body changes, the system should immediately alarm authorised personnel and stop the crane from moving to investigate the cause, until the potential risks are eliminated. This will provide a strong foundation for tower crane safety operations.


Geo-fencing is the core technology for the proactive anti-collision solution, it is configured on our IoT platform. Once it is set up, the tower crane and its hook can only move within the safe area, if it touches the geo-fence, the IoT platform will trigger a control command and send it to PLC to control the crane movement to prevent the crane colliding into other obstacles.

Tower Crane Anti-Collision & Tower Body Verticality Monitoring

Tower crane anti-collision and tower body verticality monitoring services are designed as their namesake. The purpose of the anti-collision service is to prevent a tower crane from colliding with another tower crane, the building next to it and other vehicles in close proximity, for example, mobile cranes.  The tower body verticality monitoring service is to ensure the tower body remains at 90 degrees with the tower base and the load only moves at vertical direction, so to minimise the risk of tower body tipping over or back.

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Workflow Management

Tower crane erection and dismantle follows strict procedure to ensure all the steps are taken as per requirements. We help you monitor and manage your workflow to mitigate any potential risks.

Data Logging

The IoT platform not only can capture sensor data, it can also capture the workflow data to keep historical process records and improve data transparency.

Tower Crane Erection / Dismantle Compliance as a Services

The process of tower crane erection / dismantle is one of the riskiest processes during crane operations. It is critical that all steps are followed according to standards. Empowered by our remote monitoring application, operational data of each step during this process is collected and monitored with certain workflows built in to minimise the risk of missing or not following certain steps.

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Smart Torque Wrench and Bolt Identification

Each bolt has a unique ID that enables more effective management during erection / dismantle process. The smart torque wrench captures the bolt tension and transmit it to IoT platform for management to access and monitor over time.

Workflow Management

On the IoT platform, each bolt ID is assigned to a particular position with specified torque level, it ensures all the bolts are fastened to standard during erection process.

Remote Monitoring

Each bolt’s torque tension record is captured and transmitted to the IoT platform for management and the authorised personnel to access and monitor to ensure every bolt is fastened to standard during each maintenance cycle. It also ensures that no bolt is used beyond its specified useful life. This creates a strong foundation for overall tower crane operational safety.

Tower Crane High-Tensile Bolt Tension Monitoring

This unique service offering is to ensure all the high-tensile bolts torque data is collected and can be monitored remotely. This will prevent high-tensile bolts being over fastened, or not fastened to standard, or missed during the fastening process. It ensures all high-tensile bolts are fastened according to standards and manufacturer requirements, which will lay a strong foundation for safe operations for tower cranes.

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