When crane ‘Blackbox’ meets the ‘Cloud’

As with the infamous black-box within an airplane, cranes have similar technology recording everything from load related data, engine data, geometric data and configuration changes. This wealth of information is stored to improve safety and for more effective fleet management. Yet despite this, incidents still happen. According to SafeWork Australia, there were 47 workers killed in incidents involving cranes between 2003 to 2015, which is causing loss of life and halting production at huge cost. Why?

Through interviewing multiple customers and studying different incident cases, our analysis found that data silos and inability to access on-site, real-time data are preventing crane operators and management from proactively mitigating risks. By identifying root-cause and taking correction activities early on, our systems can continuously improve safety operations by using real-time data to make informative decisions.

Now, with the emerging of cloud technology and IoT, the above issues can be addressed. Regardless of the crane’s geographic location, whether in the next suburb or overseas, management can access and monitor crane performance. Additionally, we provide the functionality to monitor live environmental data such as wind speed, a critical parameter for crane operational safety, and of course this is accessible from anywhere at any time. The data captured enables managers to conduct various types of analysis, including but not limited to machine utilisation, root cause of an alarm, fault diagnostics, and crane driver’s behaviour analysis.

This is only the first step of a long journey that cloud technologies can offer for the traditional crane industry. We are so confident that our technology will help your business mitigate incidents that we’re willing to give the first 3 months away free, ask for a demonstration today.

When ‘Blackbox’ meet the cloud, the potential is infinite.

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